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Maksim’s Bookworm Party- Part 2 The Goodie Bag


I don’t know about you but I still get so excited about the lolly/ goodie bags at birthday’s especially since Maksim is to young for most of the contents. Which mean hubby and I get to raid it once we put him to bed.

Here is what we put in the goodie bags Maksi gave to his little friends.


What do you put in your kids goodie bags?

Whats the best thing you have ever found in a goodie  bag one of your kids or you received?

Maksim’s Bookworm Party – Part 1 The Invitations

This past Sunday we celebrated Maksim’s 2nd birthday with a bookworm themed party!

Despite the cold weather Maksi had lots of fun with his little friends and cousins.

For his invitation we had a little photo shoot at the library you can read about it  and my inspiration for his party here.





I hand stamped the date to give it a more authentic feel. The little tag you see there had the url of Maksims blog and was the most talked about addition to his invitation. Check it out here it is beyond cute.

Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures from Maksi’s party in the coming days.
Julia xx



Geometric Paper Lanterns


So I popped into Ikea this morning in search of some jars to help organise my kitchen pantry and was surprised to see these beautiful paper Lanterns. I am thinking about using them for Maksim’s birthday and then putting them up in his room. They would be lovely as a backdrop for a wedding also.


Maksim Is Turning Two And We Are Having A Bookworm Party!


You can find all the links on my Pinterest board here.


I know every parent says the same thing but really I can’t believe he is going to be two, but at the same time I feel like he has been with us forever. I can’t remember life without him.

Well thats the gushy stuff over with, now onto the fun bit, planning his party.

Last year picking a theme was so easy ( you can check out his 1st birthday here) but this year was a little more difficult I guess because he is a little older now and into more things.

I went with the bookworm theme as books have alway been his toy of choice, he loves lego, mobilo, puzzles and lots more but books hold his attention for the longest period of time.

On one of our trips to the library I took my camera along to get a photo for the cover of his invitation, most of them looked like this.




But I did manage to snap a single shot where he is in focus and standing still.

As usual when planning something I created a Pinterest board where I have been collecting bits of inspiration for Maksim’s birthday you can check it out here.

I can’t wait to share the invitation with you it is adorable :)


Julia xx

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