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In The Garden – How To Make a Terrarium


Hi There,
This morning I woke up early so I could do some design work before my babies woke. I don’t usually do this but the forecast promised beautiful weather and I didn’t want to miss it.
Once I had the kids up, dressed and fed we headed to the beach for a quick play in the sand and pre nap snacks.
Once home I popped both boys into bed checked and replied to emails did a little more design work.
Then headed out to the garden.
I have been meaning to make a terrarium for a while now and today was finally the day.
You can make a terrarium in almost anything. I chose a little vase I bought from the cutest little home wares and cute kiddy things shop in Cronulla called Char Bella.
What you need.
Container, pebbles, potting mix, plant.
First line the bottom of the container with a small amount of pebbles. This allows for good drainage. Then add a good organic potting mix before placing your plant inside the container.
Finally top with more pebbles, ornaments or anything you like and volia you have a cute little Terrarium.
This will not last forever and if you want the plant to survive you will eventually 
need to re pot it.
Usually 4-6 weeks is a good time frame.



My Farmers Market Haul

Most wenedays I bundle up the babies and head to the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney for their farmers market. I am not much of a meat person so I get very excited about fresh produce.

Cutting into a fresh carrot or zucchini from a farmers market is whole new experience they are nothing like their supermarket cousins.

Here is my haul from this week


And here are some of the things I will be trying over the next few days

Caprese Tart  Zuccini Chips Roasted Vegetable Strudel, Pumkin donuts, Sweet Potato Soup

I have made the Caprese Tart and the donuts before and both were super delicious.


Julia xx



Geometric Paper Lanterns


So I popped into Ikea this morning in search of some jars to help organise my kitchen pantry and was surprised to see these beautiful paper Lanterns. I am thinking about using them for Maksim’s birthday and then putting them up in his room. They would be lovely as a backdrop for a wedding also.


Happy New 2012!!

Thank you for all the support in 2012!

We have changed and evolved over the year and it was only possible with your support.

We wish you ever success in 2012 and hope that you will continue to party with us.


Image via pinterest

We have lots of new and exciting things planned and can’t wait to share them with you.

We will be offering lots of free printable party pretties.

We will also be expanding our Wedding Collection and adding Bridal and Baby shower invitations, Birth Announcements and any thing else we dream up.

I hope you had a fabulous start to 2012 and enjoyed the festivities of New Years Eve.

Must Have Monday

I should have called this “really want to have Monday”!


PhotobucketDid you know that Kiki k now do hand bags? They are made of the softest leather and built to last, I think I will have to start leaving hints for christmas.

These message cookies cutters from Williams-Sonoma are the coolest. You get three cookie cutters with interchangable letters so you can create your own personal messages. These would be great as place cards or party favours. They don’t actually ship to Australia, but if you want them as desperatly as I do you can organise their delivery through Bongo.

My mum bought this coat  for me from David Lawrence for my birthday a few weeks ago it is long and walm and has been a savour in my wardrobe. I wear it with boots & tights and look efforlessly cool ( well atleast I think so)

These little mittens are from Seed they are so adorable. I love going for walks with My little Monkey but I worry about the cold. I like that they are linked hopefully this will make them harder to loose.


Julia x


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