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Hi Friends,

I guess your wondering what this is all about. Well I have been thinking for a while that I have been a bit hopeless with my blogging.  I started this blog mainly to promote my business Kuku Couture Invitations (shameless plug) but since then I have fallen in love with the whole blogging community that I have become apart of.

I am a little confused about what direction I should take with my blog and my blogging has been very inconsistent because of this as I have spent most of my allocated blogging time thinking about what to do. You see I would still like to use my blog to promote my business to brides and mummies and also share personal stuff but I am just not sure at the moment how I am going to go about doing that. Suggestions anyone?

I am planning a blog reno soon and along with that I will be getting a separate url for my blog. In an effort to improve the consistency of my blogging I am going to blog everyday in October. I am hoping this will breathe some new life into my blogging, setup some good blogging habits and help me discover a new direction for my blog.

If your a blogger have you ever had to rethink your blog?

Maybe this is just the thing to jumpstart your blogging too.

I’ll be using #blogtober when posting my blog posts on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like to join in please use the hashtag I’d love to check out your posts.

Julia x


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  1. I’ll be there supporting you Julia! And I definitely need to zap some of that new blogging resolve off you. ;) Completely understood every word you said. I’ve felt that way so many times and of course, naturally you’d want your blog to be a sidekick to your business… but then again, there’s so much other things that happen in our lives that form a huge part of us.

    I asked my customers/readers once about this – and their answer? They said that I should just blog about what I want to share because they feel like they know me more that way instead of a hundred DIY posts that make the blog seem more like a factory instead of a home. That dilemma also made me hesitant about blogging and I saw my blogging slow down a lot just because I didn’t have a good direction for it. I didn’t like the idea of a blogging schedule because I didn’t want to force myself to write posts that I didn’t feel compelled enough to write. But I do see the pros of a blogging schedule and I think it is great to have one once you’ve found a direction for the blog.
    Perhaps you can share a bit of behind-the-scenes posts about kuku couture invitations? :) Or what is involved in the whole process of a job for a customer. :)

    Will join you in #blogtober (can’t believe I just said that)…but I think you’re right, it’s just what I need to jumpstart. :) Here’s to blogging!

  2. Great idea Julia! I love small businesses that have blogs, it’s so great to find out more about the person behind the business.

    My goal is to post at least four times per week, but I rarely achieve it. This is just the kick-start I need too!
    Tamsyn recently posted..Max at 2 and 3/4My Profile


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