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A Sweet Way To Introduce A New Baby To Older Siblings

I am 38 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy number two. So Any day now Maksim will become a big brother. At 19.5 months he is not really aware of the new additions impending arrival but I am sure he will notice him once he arrives.

Life is changing for little Maksim he has a new room, he will be a big brother and he will have to share his mummy’s attention with baby brother.

I have read lots of information and received lots of advice from mums who have introduced new siblings to their family but basically the way children will react depends on each individual child.

One sweet idea I stumbled across was to give big brother a present from little brother.

So Here is Larlie from Flying Penguin Baby Boy #2 will be giving this to Maksim when he comes to visit him at the hospital


Larlie is super soft, cuddly and 100% organic and I hope he becomes Maksi’s new buddy.

How did your older children cope when new siblings were introduced?

Julia xx


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  1. A very cute teddy. I love the idea of spoiling the existing siblings. Mine loved the little gift we go them when the next arrived
    Tamara recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 28 MarchMy Profile

    • I am hoping he loves it. My friend said she gave he little one a bear when she was having #2 and he started trying to breastfeed it. So funny

  2. We prepared Miss T for her sister’s arrival starting about 3 months prior. I purchased a few books on family’s and being a big sister and we read them together. I talked about my tummy and bub inside. We determined to try and keep her daily routine consistent, which included continuing childcare, not introducing toilet training just yet and trying not to make too big a deal of bub. It was easy because bub had no idea what was happening and apart from her basic needs to feed and sleep, I could focus on Miss T. She adjusted quite well to the change. I think there was only one day during the first week when she was disinterested in bub so we made sure we didn’t make a big deal of her that day. It passed. Now that bub is 12 months, we are starting to enter a whole new world of adjustments with Miss T learning Lil S has her own desires and wants to express them her way!
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Remnants of SummerMy Profile

    • I have been trying to do the same with books and talking to him. Today I thought he definitely had it then he started pointing to himself saying baby which is absolutely adorable he thinks he is the baby well I guess at 19months he still is the baby.

  3. Gorgeous looking bear! What a lovely idea for your Mr 19 months. It is hard for them at that age (but also easier in a way as they haven’t had too long to adjust to having mummy/ daddy to themselves). I have 14 months, then 16 months between my kids.
    Julie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: If you go down to the woods today…My Profile

  4. This is a good idea, I really like it. Also, I think you have made a good choice, there is nothing like the classic brown bear, I still have mine from when I was a kid and I am in my 30s now!
    Sandra6 recently posted..PC TV SoftwareMy Profile

  5. Oh isn’t he superb! Good luck with it. Thanks for linking up :-)

  6. Gorgeous bear! My brother- and sister-in-law did this when their second was born. The older child gave a present to the baby, and the baby gave a present to the older child. It was lovely and I definitely recommend it! Good luck with the birth and the sibling introduction. x
    Emily recently posted..When kids learn a new skill, they can forget othersMy Profile

  7. Oh isn’t that bear just divine. When my little girl was born she ‘gave’ her big brother a DS (there is a bit more of an age gap than your two though ;). It was very handy during feed time. He just adored his sister from the start and I’m sure the pressie sweetened the deal somewhat. Best of luck, watching your firstborn become a big brother is one of the most awesome bit of motherhood I think.
    Happylan recently posted..On the cusp of something big…My Profile

    • Thanks:) I think it will all go quite smoothly he is usually a very calm kid and yep I am so looking forward to them interacting with one another.

  8. Larlie is such a cute bear! We did the same thing, as well read some books about a new baby in the family. Look forward to hearing the good news :)
    Alice @ MusicAl Mama recently posted..Say Hello WorkshopMy Profile

  9. What a wonderful idea! Such a sweet, friendly-looking bear, too!

    I’m visiting from FYBF. :-)
    Cassandra recently posted..Emergency Rosemary Part 2 (and other garden news)My Profile

  10. A present from bub to #1 child is a great idea. We did this when our baby was born, she gave our big girl a Magna Doodle. We talked to her lots about the baby arriving in those final weeks (any earlier and it would have seemed like ages away to a 2 year old!), she accompanied me to obstetrician appointments so she was familiar with the hospital and we talked about how Mummy would be staying at the hospital for a few days when the baby was born. We kept to a routine of sorts when I was in hospital and I think this helped a lot – my husband would bring in our big girl to the hospital each morning (he’d pack some snacks and a little lunch for her) – during this time, he’d focus on our baby and I’d spend time colouring in or reading or doing something with our big girl. After lunch, he’d take her home for a nap and then bring her back late afternoon – from here my Mum would come past the hospital and take Grace home for tea, bath and so on and after tea, my husband would pick Grace up and bring her home and tuck her into bed. She got used to this routine. I also gave her a small gift each day she visited me in hospital as it must have seemed the baby was getting 100’s – just something small like a set of hair clips, or a colouring book etc. When we got home, she was fascinated by her baby sister but there were definitely days where she wasn’t all that interested and we didn’t make a fuss of this. It helps to have some new activities to occupy your toddler while you’re feeding your baby too – new books or something. Sorry for the long comment :)
    Amanda recently posted..The Wrong Side Of The BedMy Profile

    • love the long comment. I am hoping to do similar to what you did but I feel so horrible about not being with him everyday but I guess this is my opportunity to bond with the new baby. I am not sure how he will react to leaving me everyday it’s a little sad. I loved my hospital stay first time around but this time I am dreading it.

  11. Well, I have experienced this my self, my elder one is 4 and the younger one is 2. Initially it was really difficult for the elder one to get accustomed to the younger one, the one thing which really troubled me was that the attention problem, when the attention shifted from him to the younger one, it was really a very fragile situation, i had to meet counselors to get it resolved… thank you for the post, i can surely relate with it!

  12. There is 18 months between my two boys. From memory (it was 20 yrs ago!) older brother didn’t take too much notice of the baby, until ‘ it’ came home and didn’t go away. There was a few jealous actions, but we made a huge effort to ensure boy 1 wasn’t left out or lacked attention because of the baby.

    Over the years my boys have been fabulous playmates and protectors of each other, although we’ve definitely had our share of sibling rivalry. I found the age gap for same sex siblings to be perfect at 18 months, especially because they could share clothes, had similar interests in toys, played the same sports (often in the same team) and now they are adults they are great mates.

    All the best to you and your little family, Julia!
    Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Harbour FunMy Profile

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